ColorLok  Program

Q: What is ColorLok® Program?

A: ColorLok Program represents a new, more advanced standard for better office printing. To be able to use the ColorLok logo, papers must pass a concise set of print quality, physical and electrostatic standards for quality and reliability. Papers meeting the criteria required for the use of the ColorLok logo will provide several customer benefits, including:

1. An enhanced combination of print quality and fast dry time with today's inkjet printers that is forward-looking as ink technology, specifically pigment ink, continues to advance resulting in more vivid colors, faster drying, and bolder blacks compared to papers lacking ColorLok® Technology1

2. Consistent and reliable printing on office printers - both inkjet and laser - thanks to a concise, relevant set of specifications regarding physical properties and electrical properties of the paper.

Q: I see the logo has a trademark symbol. Who owns this trademark?

A: International Paper owns the ColorLok trademark.  However, HP and International Paper both have the right to license the use of the trademark to other paper and printer companies who participate.

Q: How are HP and International Paper (IP) involved in the ColorLok Program?

A: HP and IP are organizing members of the ColorLok program. ColorLok Technology originated as a special additive included in HP Everyday Papers and met with remarkable success since their introduction. 

HP and IP have recognized that in order to better serve the customer and printing industry, it would be necessary to work with other paper and printer manufacturers to: 1) endorse innovation of paper technology, 2) support papers with the ColorLok performance standard and 3) make them more available to customers world wide.  HP and IP have collaborated to develop a set of performance, physical and electrostatic specification that defines the ColorLok performance standard, while utilizing the strength of the ColorLok name. 

IP owns the ColorLok trademark; however, HP and IP have the ability to license the use of the ColorLok logo to other paper manufacturers if their papers meet the ColorLok standard of performance.

HP owns the intellectual property loosely labelled as 'fixer' technology that has been licensed to International Paper in the co-development of the ColorLok paper standard. Intenational Paper owns specific 'process IP' that was used in incorporating HP's 'fixer' into the paper making process.

Q: How do paper companies receive approval to use the ColorLok logo?

A: There are several key aspects to consider for obtaining approval to use the ColorLok logo.

First, the Printing Applications Laboratory at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT-PAL) has been qualified as an official qualification center where any paper company or private label owner may submit papers for testing and performance certification. Details on submission of samples are available through a website managed by RIT.

Second, the right to use the ColorLok logo can be obtained either from HP or International Paper (IP). Please contact either to understand the terms and conditions of these licenses.

Thirdly, the ColorLok Program is a performance-based standard and is not tied to a single technology. Paper companies can elect to develop their own approach to meeting the ColorLok requirements, or they can contact HP regarding the use ColorLok Technology, HP-owned paper enhancing technology that can aid meeting the ColorLok performance requirements.

The ColorLok Technology can be licensed only by HP under the terms of a Technology License Agreement.

Q: Can ColorLok papers/logo be used in for industrial and commercial printing?

A: The ColorLok Program covers a specific range of cut sized papers targeting applications in the home and office.  Continuous roll fed papers for industrial and commercial printing would be outside of the scope of the ColorLok program. See for more information.

Q: What is the benefit of licensing the ColorLok logo for use on my company's papers?

A: The clear, simple ColorLok logo ensures that customers will be alerted to the paper's performance.  The ColorLok logo has been in the marketplace on paper packaging since 2005, has met success, and built equity with consumers.  The ColorLok Program and the use of the ColorLok logo provide a means for paper and printer manufacturers to collectively support and implement a higher standard of plain paper performance and reliability to the advancement of the entire printing industry and the end user.

Q: Do all ColorLok papers have the same benefits and perform similarly?

A: All papers that use the ColorLok logo must meet a concise set of paper surface quality, physical and electrostatic performance metrics across a variety of factors related to image quality, dry time, and printer runnability. Companies may use different means and technologies to reach that performance and may exceed that performance by different degrees. Manufacturers may add unique features to differentiate themselves from other ColorLok papers. Furthermore, companies can still differentiate their papers on the basis of additional attributes.

Q: Will there be variations in performance across papers that employ ColorLok Technology?

A: ColorLok program defines a minimum set of standards. Some manufacturers' papers may exceed these standards depending on how a paper is tuned for specific applications. Performance may also vary due to different printer, ink, or toner technology used.

Q: Do all ColorLok papers use the same additive technology?

A: Companies may use different means and technologies to reach the set of performance standards set by the ColorLok Program.

Q: Where are ColorLok papers available?

A: Currently, ColorLok papers are widely available worldwide through retailers, catalogs, and internet.  Recently (Jan 27, 2009), Hewlett-Packard issued a press release applauding key players in the paper industry for their support of ColorLok Program. Since the program was publicly announced, more paper companies have begun incorporating the technology in some of their programs and the list of papers that are labeled ColorLok is growing quickly.

As of January 2009, a variety of paper manufacturers, merchants and office products retailers' branded papers that have passed the ColorLok performance specifications and employ the ColorLok logo are being sold around the world. These companies include:

    Antalis - Europe 
    Copamex - Latin America
    Domtar - North America
    Georgia Pacific - North America 
    HP - Worldwide
    Inapa - Europe
    International Paper - Worldwide 
    JK - India 
    Metsa Board - Worldwide 
    Mondi - Europe
    Office Depot - North America and Europe
    Papyrus - Europe
    Staples - North America and Europe
    Stora Enso - Europe
    Suzano - Latin America