ColorLok® Licensing

HP owns intellectual property around technology for immobilizing colorants in inkjet inks. HP and Sylvamo partnered to bring the technology to market and to develop the set of performance, physical, and electrostatic specifications that defines the ColorLok performance standard.

Sylvamo Corporation owns the ColorLok trademark, however HP and Sylvamo both have the right to license the use of the ColorLok trademark to other companies who participate in the ColorLok Licensing Program.

Carrying the ColorLok Logo

Companies interested in carrying the logo will submit their papers to RIT PAL for testing.

  • Sign Standard Trademark Licensing agreement (includes a set of established branding guidelines)
  • Quality System Testing (includes all testing procedures and specifications)
  • Environmental guidelines
  • Royalty cost based on tonnage produced

ColorLok Trademark License

  • Mandatory License to carry the ColorLok Logo
  • Includes Quality Specifications
  • Branding Guidelines
  • 20-year Term (can terminate for convenience)

ColorLok Technology License

  • Optional low-cost proven solutions
  • Portfolio of exclusive patents only offered by HP
  • Life of patents
  • HP Technical Assistance

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Producing ColorLok® Papers

All papers that carry the ColorLok brand must meet a concise set of paper surface quality, physical and electrostatic performance metrics across a variety of factors related to image quality, dry time, and printer runnability. HP can provide detailed ColorLok® specifications under a confidential disclosure agreement (CDA) to paper companies and partners interested in joining the ColorLok Program.

The Printing Applications Laboratory at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT-PAL) has qualified as an official "testing center" where any paper company or private label owner may submit papers for testing and performance certification. Details on submission of samples will be made available through a website managed by RIT

Producing ColorLok® infographic


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